Lip Filler

Lip Filler

Ready for kissable lips? At Golden Medical Aesthetics, lip filler is a signature treatment performed by Erin Rodriguez, RN BSN. With her high level of client satisfaction and 5+ years of experience, Erin is sought after from clients all over the west coast.

Lip fillers are non-invasive with minimal downtime. Golden offers two lip injection treatments: Lip Plump and Lip Restore. This allows us to tailor your treatment based on your goals and maturation. Together, we will create the perfect lip for you!

Plump, pouty full lips are attractive, fun, and popular. Lip fillers can be used to plump up your lips and are minimally invasive and have little downtime. Injectable treatments can add definition, volume, and proportion to your lips. Lip fillers also treat vertical lip lines to give you a smooth and complete look.

Dermal and lip fillers offer a fast, non-invasive, and painless way to look years younger without invasive surgery. With this treatment, Golden Medical Aesthetics can reduce wrinkles and fine lines in your lips in minutes, and effects can last for up to a year! The lip fillers we use to plump up you lips can also help enhance your overall appearance. Our lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring substance that hydrates and volumizes your lips.

If you are starting to notice some of the signs of aging creeping into your lips, you consider non-surgical treatments such as lip fillers. Due to aging, the skin loses collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, so we use dermal fillers to help combat the signs of aging and give you full and luscious lips.

Lip fillers are safe and there is a low risk of complications or side effects. Lip fillers can boost your self-esteem, and if you are not happy with how you look, your healthcare provide can inject hyaluronidase to dissolve your lip filler.

Know the risks of lip fillers including the following:

Note that lip filler are a medical treatment and should be performed by an experienced healthcare provider. Lip fillers are not permanent, and you may experience pain at the injection sites. Pain will go away after 12 to 24 hours.

95% of people get 1 full syringe at their lip filler appointment. $650.

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